A little girl and her father in the park.

Little girl (discreetly pointing her finger) : Who is that?

Father : That is the wife of the young blond guy over there, underneath the MapleTree.

Little girl : Him! I see him... Who else is she?

Father (irritated) : The mother of the girl on the swing.

Little girl : Oh yes! I see her... but (points her finger discreetly in the same direction as before) who is she again?

Father (agitated) : [she is] The mother of the little boy with the red bicycle.

(Silence for a few minutes)

Little girl : Daddy!

Father : Yes, sweetie!

Little girl (hesitantly) : When you're at work and my brother and I are at school...

Father : Yes?

Little girl : Mommy... who is she?

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