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February 16th, 2000

Made some changes on the navigation mainly for people arriving from search engines directly into a page. Now they should be able to go back to the issue summary and from there to the index page with its frames. The problem is frames and search engines indexing the content of each frame..
January 25th, 2000

I spent sometimes on a friend's computer, his browser is still using the default settings and all the links are underlined..Not very nice. So I added some css1 to get rid of it, works on almost every browser. Main pages were all validated using the W3C validator. Also I registered Pisalou on the "Net d'Or" contest, maybe we'll win something !! (only french residents can register :-( )
January 3rd, 2000

Everything is online, but the Javascript has been giving us some headaches...We have been trying to reload more than one frame with one click (to switch back and for between english and french), and sometimes it seems that the browser is getting lost if you are switching to fast..
January 2nd, 2000

Well, it seems I was kind of optimistic.. I spent the night on modifying the whole site but couldn't finish in time to put it on line before the rise of year 2000.. (no Y2K bug here, just to much to do !!)
Ooops, I almost forgot: Happy new year !!
December 31st, 1999

Hello everybody.. Long time no see!! After a very long stand by, Pisalou is back !! We have been getting quite a lot of submissions, and although we are very low on freetime, we decided to put some more issues on line.
On our side, lot of changes. We moved back from the US to France, after 5 years... Quite a change I am telling you ! We are also starting a business on the internet.. creating web sites !!.
We did put some work in that new issue, but it might not be visible to everybody.. Navigation is now mainly based on javascript, tested on browser above ver 3 (IExplorer, Netscape, Opera).
Also after studying statistics, we discovered that people are not that much interested in translations.. So we decided to limit these to the one that are easy to do. Sorry, no time for more ! But we'll happily publish translations submitted by readers.
Pisalou has been moved to a new hosting company (cheaper for us, Pisalou is a completely free-no-money-involved-but-ours), I hope everything will go smoothly.
Anyway, ENJOY !!